Blue bleaching powder enriched with diamond powder, keratin and argan oil.

This compact, non-volatile powder is adapted to all types of bleaching.

Thanks to its reduced rate of persalts, it has a cosmeto-protector effect on the hair fiber.

It ensures an optimal hair protection. It can reach 7 shades of lightening and since it doesn›t dry, it can be used in many ways even on free air.

Thanks to the natural keratin and argan oil, the bleaching powder hydrates, treats and prevents the ageing of the hair.

Its unique formula based on diamond dust strengthens the bleached fiber and brings brightness and shiness for every bleaching procedure.

Preparation : Mix the compact powder with Anti/Âge Color Peroxyde Volume 20 or Volume 30 in variable proportions from 1+1 to 1+2 to form a creamy and smooth paste.

Application : Apply the preparation as soon as possible in thick layer homogeneously, starring by the darkest parts of the hair. The cream sticks perfectly to the hair and doesn›t dry.

Application time : 20-45 minutes. Do not shorten this application time with a heat input. When the desired level of lightening is reached, emulsify with warm water and shampoo with Anti/Âge Color Post Color Shampoo.
Be particulary cautious with very damaged hair. For a roots bleaching, do not extend the cream.
In case of sensitive skin, it is recommended to protect the facial contours.
Avoid contact with the eyes. 
In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with water immediately. 
It can provoke allergic reactions.