SL from St Tropez, by Urban Keratin revolutionizes the world of smoothing.

Find a smooth, shiny hair thanks to the Urban Keratin Smoothing Shampoo from St Tropez.
Its active ingredient based on an exclusive combination of fatty acids combined with diamond powder revolutionizes smoothing.
Easy and fast to use, the Smoothing Shampoo is suitable for women and men and adapts to all hair types.
In less than 1 hour, it gives a natural smoothing effect, an extreme shine, and a healthy hair for 2 months.
Thanks to its progressive action, the Shampoo smoothing allows to obtain several results:

Natural smoothing effect
Disciplinary effect associated with volume reduction
Anti-frizz effect


No smoke generation during application
Quick and simple application
Perfect color
Bright intense color
Fits all types of hair, even the most sensitized

An exclusive combination of active ingredients:

DIAMOND POWDER: providing shine and resistance to all hair.
LAURIC ACID: It nourishes, hydrates and strengthens the hair fiber by binding the hair proteins to each other.
MYRISTIC ACID: Smooth and protective.
LINOLIC ACID: Who fight against the tarnishing and the breakage of the hair by maintaining the ceramides R constituting the cement of the capillary fiber.

Application protocol:

Rinse the entire hair quickly with water.
Pre-dry with a towel.
Put a dose of the Shampoo Smoothing From St Tropez (between 30 and 100 ml depending on the hair) in a bowl.
Apply to the brush by spreading over the lengths and tips and knead the hair by making circular movements until obtaining foam.
Leave under protection (charlotte supplied in the kit), between 20 and 40 min depending on the desired result.
Rinse thoroughly and apply a sufficient amount of Perfecteur Care From St Tropez.
Distribute well and let stand for 3 min.
Dry the hair to 100% hair dryer then pass the Titanium straightener from the root to the tip on thin locks. (3 to 6 passages).

The Kit contains:

1 Smoothing Shampoo 250ml
1 Perfect treatment 250ml
5 Charlottes
1 Brush
1 Application Protocol

A kit allows up to 8 applications (depending on the nature and length of hair).

Wait 72 hours before making the 1st shampoo.
For a lasting effect, use Perfecter From St Tropez or shampoos and care of the Urban Keratin range enriched in diamond and keratin.

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