2010, Marseille: the URBAN KERATIN adventure begins.
It is born of the meeting between Melanie Audouin and Bernard Bigiaoui, who decided to develop a new concept: a smoothing Brazilian performance without formaldehyde.
After long months of research, they manage to develop an original formula based on keratin and amino acids, which smooths and repairs the hair in a deep and lasting way.
This revolutionary smoothing reduces the loop by up to 90% for a 3 to 5 month outfit. Success is quickly at the rendezvous, in France and abroad.
This product is still today our bestseller.

The strength of URBAN KERATIN is to regularly propose innovative and up-to-date products.
11 new ranges have been launched since our creation. They combine for the most part keratin and diamond powder for maximum shine and efficiency.
The selected raw materials are of high quality and exclusive formulas have been developed by our laboratories.
The results are immediate and brilliant.
Because each type of hair is different, we offer specific ranges that reach the largest number of customers.

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