The Urban Colour solution:
the 1st new generation nourishing colour.

Urban Colour is the ultimate long-term solution to rewind time and win the battle against aging hair. It combines the efficiency of an ammonia-free permanent colour with the stimulating qualities of a new 3.0 technology treatment. The Urban Colour hair range enhances hair pigmentation whilst completely covering white hair to give you glossy shine and hydration that lasts.

3 top quality features are behind the success of the new 3.0 technology:
Hyaluronic acid particles chosen especially for their small size get to the root of the hair fibre to provide maximum hydration.
Keratin nanoparticles strengthen hair elasticity and smooth the surface of hair fibre.
Diamond dust to boost shine and glossy colour.

Urban Colour lets your hair glow with health, balance and natural beauty. It enables your hair stylist to offer you a treatment that combines unique, high shine and successful colour with long-term nourishment every month. With each colour treatment, hair gains strength, volume, resistance, elasticity and shine.

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