Anti/âge Lift Hair is a revolutionary procedure giving hair over 5 weeks of youth, shine, hydration and volume.
This bespoke treatment enhances hair’s natural shine as its top quality active ingredients are injected into the root of hair fibre.
Damaged, dry or dull hair lacks ceramide which is intercellular cement.


Ceramide 3/Vitamin PP

The exclusive Ceramide 3/Vitamin PP (niacin) complex in Anti/aging Hair Lift acts as natural cement for the dermal sheath to deeply nourish damaged hair and give hair fibre its natural strength and glossy shine.

A procedure subject to hair requirements and desired result must be defined pre-application.


Restructuring Lifting Treatment: restructure damaged hair and give it silkiness and shine.

Intense Reconstructive Lifting Treatment:rebuild and deeply nourish the most damaged hair.

Post-Colour Lifting Treatment: treat coloured or highlighted hair and return its glossy shine. Can be applied after rinsing.

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